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HTML Validator

HTML Validator is a free online tool which helps to validate HTML data.


FAQs on HTML Validator

What is an HTML validator?

An HTML validator is a tool that checks whether an HTML document conforms to the syntax and rules of the HTML language specification.

Why should I use an HTML validator?

Using an HTML validator can help ensure that your HTML documents are error-free, comply with the HTML language specification, and are accessible to a wider range of users.

What kind of errors can an HTML validator detect?

An HTML validator can detect errors such as missing or mismatched tags, invalid attribute values, incorrect document structure, and more.

Are all HTML validators the same?

No, there are different types of HTML validators that vary in their functionality, accuracy, and ease of use. Some validators only check for syntax errors, while others may check for accessibility or search engine optimization (SEO) issues.

Can an HTML validator fix errors in my document?

Most HTML validators can only detect errors in your document and provide suggestions for fixing them. Some validators may also offer auto-correction features, but they may not always produce correct results.

How do I use an HTML validator?

To use an HTML validator, you typically need to provide your HTML document or a URL to your document, and then run the validator. The validator will then analyze your document and provide a report of any errors or warnings.

Can an HTML validator check for accessibility issues?

Some HTML validators may offer accessibility checks that can identify issues such as missing alt attributes for images, insufficient color contrast, and other accessibility-related problems.

Is it necessary to validate HTML documents?

While it's not strictly necessary to validate your HTML documents, doing so can help ensure that your documents are error-free, compliant with the HTML specification, and accessible to a wider range of users.

What are the benefits of validating HTML documents?

Validating your HTML documents can help improve the quality of your code, make your documents more accessible, and improve search engine visibility.

What are some common HTML validation errors?

Common HTML validation errors include missing or incorrect tags, unclosed tags, invalid attribute values, and incorrect document structure.

Can an HTML validator check for SEO issues?

Some HTML validators may offer SEO checks that can identify issues such as missing or duplicate meta tags, missing headings, and other SEO-related problems.

Are there any free HTML validators available?

Yes, there are several free HTML validators available, including the W3C Markup Validation Service, the Nu HTML Checker, and the Web Developer browser extension, among others.

Is HTML validator tool a free tool?

Yes, HTML validator is totally free to use.

Does this HTML validator tool save the data?

No! Your data remains confidential, and our tool doesn’t save it in its databases.

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