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REM to Px Online Converter

Use our REM to Px Converter to quickly convert your CSS REM values to px values for a smooth and easy design process.

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FAQs on Rem to Px Converter

What is REM to Px Online Converter?

Rem to Px converter helps to convert root em(REM) value into Px(Pixel). The conversion depends on the 16-pixel default font size, but this setting is modifiable. This tool uses a simple interface and one button to convert the CSS measurement system into an absolute measurement system.

What is the difference Between PX and REM?

Px is a CSS unit that is relative to the font-size of the HTML root element. It is the smallest addressable element in a raster image . On the other hand, Rem is usually used in CSS development. The Rem unit lets you define a size relative to the HTML root element's font-size.

To understand the distinction between px (pixel) and rem (root ems), you must first understand what they are and how they behave. To begin with, they are measurements that are used on screen media or screens on various devices. In CSS, they are commonly used to measure lengths (Cascading Style Sheets).

The distinction is that px is a fixed-size unit. If you say this font is 16px, it is exactly 16px no matter where you put it. It's just that different devices may show it differently. A 16px font displayed on your computer monitor may appear differently on your mobile phone.

Root em (rem) units, on the other hand, are a type of relative measurement unit. They are determined by the font size of the web page's root element (typically the html> element). When an element's size is set to a specific number of rem units, it is proportional to the size of the text on the page. For example, if the root element's font-size is set to 16px, 1rem equals 16px. If you give an element a font-size of 2rem, it will be 32px. If you change the font-size of the root element to 20px, 1rem equals 20px, and an element with a font-size of 2rem equals 40px.

The use of rem units has the advantage of allowing you to create a consistent layout that adapts to the user's preferred text size, which can be beneficial for accessibility. If you need to be precise about the size of an element, PX units can be useful. In general, PX units are used in UI design, such as creating specific button and icon sizes, whereas REM units are used in typography because they allow size to adapt to the user's font preference.

What is the best way to use rems in CSS?

The best way to use rems in CSS is to set the root element's font size to a percentage or em value, rather than a pixel value. This allows the font size to adjust based on the user's settings, while still maintaining the relative sizing of the other elements on the page.

How do I calculate the appropriate rem value for a specific font size?

To calculate the appropriate rem value for a specific font size, you can divide the pixel value by the root element's font size. For example, if you have a font size of 24 pixels and a root font size of 16 pixels, you can calculate the rem value by dividing 24 by 16, which gives you 1.5 rems.

How do I convert pixels to rems?

To convert pixels to rems, you can divide the pixel value by the root element's font size, which is typically set to 16 pixels by default. For example, if you have a font size of 20 pixels and a root font size of 16 pixels, you can convert it to rems by dividing 20 by 16, which gives you 1.25 rems.

Use cases of Rem to Px Converter Tool

Rem to Px converter allows you to set the px value, and you can calculate the rem value accordingly. Rem value is extremely useful when it comes to responsive webpages, where webpages render well in all types of screens and screen sizes. Also, this converter will help you to maintain proportion between different web elements, so it seems flawless in all screen sizes.

Furthermore, in this tool, you can also set the base size of the root element so you can use it as a common reference for converting px to rem value.

How many px equal to one rem?

By default, 16 px equals 1rem however you can change the base size of the root element in CSS. you can calculate that change as well on LambdaTest Rem to Px converter.

What is REM to px converter used for?

REM to Px free online converter allows users to convert CSS REM values to pixels. Given a CSS REM value representing the width of a box, the platform convert the REM value into their equivalent value measured in pixels.

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